What you need to know about the Syncio 2.0 upgrade 😎

By mid-September 2021, all Syncio users will be migrated onto Syncio 2.0 - the next generation collaborative commerce platform. We have prepared resources to help you through the transition!

Upgrading to Syncio 2.0 will be done automatically. All of your previous settings, configurations, and subscription plan will be the same as it was in Syncio 1.0.

Why is Syncio upgrading to Syncio 2.0?

Syncio 1.0 now supports over 6,000 Shopify and WooCommerce merchants. We're really proud of this but are also aware that it comes with immense responsibility.

The ability to ensure that Syncio performs to and above the expectations of our merchants is critical, and as the number of merchants using Syncio grows, so too does the complexity of ensuring our performance levels meet these expectations.

Here are the key areas that Syncio 2.0 enables:

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